Thank you for joining us for this year’s symposium “On the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Telecommunications Act: What’s Next?

Check back later for information on next year’s symposium.



Opportunity for Publication

Authors of symposium articles have two opportunities for publication: (1) the Federal Communications Law Journal; and (2) the Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ). To be considered for publication in the 2021 FCLJ Symposium Issue, authors must submit their final drafts for consideration by May 1, 2021 to fcljarticles@law.gwu.edu. FCLJ encourages submissions of about or under 20 pages, but does not have a page limit. The FCLJ anticipates a publication of this issue in 2021. To be published in the BTLJ Special Symposium Issue (which will include all publishable symposium articles and featuring those previously published with FCLJ), authors should submit their final drafts by August 1, 2021. These submissions should likewise be 20 pages or less. BTLJ anticipates publication of this special issue in 2022. 


FCLJ: Merrill Weber, fclj.eic@law.gwu.edu; Veronica Lark, fcljarticles@law.gwu.edu

BTLJ: Loc Ho & Natalie Crawford, editor@btlj.org