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Reflecting on Twenty Years Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996

A Collection of Essays on Implementation

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Journal has compiled thirty-two essays by individuals involved in the Act’s drafting, implementation, and attendant legal challenges. The essays come from former Chairmen, Commissioners past and present, FCC staff members, federal and state legislators, private attorneys, economists, and more. Their commentaries are diverse in subject matter and scope but all offer unique and valuable perspective on the 1996 Act and insightful lessons for future policy makers.

Full pdf: click here

Introduction: Christopher J. Wright, President – Federal Communications Bar Association

Individual essays are listed alphabetically by author below:

Representative Rick Boucher
James L. Casserly
Jim Cicconi
Charles M. Davidson
Michele Farquhar
George S. Ford
Anna Gomez
Chairman Reed E. Hundt
Michael L. Katz
Michael Kellogg
Gene Kimmelman & Mark Cooper
Jeff Lanning
Blair Levin
Commissioner Susan Ness
Melissa Newman
Jonathan E. Nuechterlein
Commissioner Michael O’Rielly
Michael Pelcovits
Chairman Michael K. Powell
Senator Larry Pressler
Michael Pryor
Gregory L. Rosston & Bradley S. Wimmer
Gigi Sohn
David Solomon
Lawrence J. Spiwak
John Thorne
Gerard J. Waldron
Philip J. Weiser
Kevin Werbach
Chairman Richard E. Wiley & Thomas J. Navin
John Windhausen, Jr.
Christopher J. Wright