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Volume 71 Issue 3 Available Online

The FCLJ has published Volume 71 Issue 3 online.

We are thrilled to feature a practitioner article penned by Christopher Terry, an assistant professor of media law in the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Professor Terry’s piece, Localism as a Solution to Market Failure: Helping the FCC Comply with the Telecommunications Act, argues for a regulatory shift away from relying on pure market competition as a proxy for enabling localism in media. Specifically, Professor Terry explores the historical shortcomings of the FCC’s contemporary approach to safeguarding localism, culminating with the November 2017 Report and Order. His solution adopts Internet-based systems of community ascertainment and requires broadcasts of at least three hours of locally-produced programming each week to combat a growing threat to media localism.

Finally, the Journal is proud to publish the final three student Notes of Volume 71. In the first Note, Abigail Becnel advocates repealing both the Cuban Democracy Act and the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act to make Cuba the newest economic hotspot for telecommunications providers. The second Note is penned by Ayesha Syed, and addresses the mounting issue of copyright infringement in the social media realm, arguing that registration requirements under the Copyright Act should be relaxed to facilitate access to judicial protections for content creators. The final Note is authored by Tess Macapinlac who argues for an amendment to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to make web scraping of publicly available information legal.

Finally, analysis of seven recent key court decisions are available in 71.3