Volume 46; 1993-1994 • Issue 1

Table of Contents

Letters of Welcome

President Bill Clinton
Governor Evan Bayh
Thomas E. Deer, Editor-in-Chief


Cable Television Regulation: Promoting Competition in a Rapidly Changing World
Representative Edward J. Markey


The Cable-Telco Cross-Ownership Prohibition: First Amendment Infringement Through Obsolescence
Representative Michael G. Oxley

Shifting Foundations: The Regulation of Telecommunications in an Era of Change
Commissioner Andrew C. Barrett

Reinventing Rate Regulation
Nicholas W. Allard

Cable Television Subscriber Equipment: Lessons from the Common Carrier Experience
David Alan Nall

The Cable Act and Municipal Ownership: A Growing First Amendment Confrontation
Carl R. Ramey

Article Digest


The Television Violence Act of 1990: A New Program for Government Censorship?
Julia W. Schlegel

Information on the Inaugural Symposium of the Federal Communications Law Journal:
The Transformation of Television News

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