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Volume 46; 1993-1994 • Issue 2


Telecommunications Property Taxation
by James A. Amdur

Abortion on the Air: Broadcasters and Indecent Political Advertising
by Milagros Rivera-Sanchez and Paul H. Gates, Jr.

Book Review

Winning on Appeal: Better Briefs and Oral Argument
by reviewed by Michael J. Hirrel

Notes and Comment

The Children’s Hour Revisited: The Children’s Television Act of 1990
by Diane Aden Hayes

Analysis of the Technical and Economic Issues Raised in the Consideration of International Telecommunications Satellite Systems Separate from INTELSAT
by Chris Rourk

Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing, Baby: The Right of Publicity and the Singing Voice
by Russell A. Stamets

Stolen from Stardust and Air: Idea Theft in the Entertainment Industry and a Proposal for a Concept Initiator Credit
by Robert M. Winteringham


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