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Volume 47; 1994-1995 • Issue 1


The Soul of a News Machine: Electronic Journalism in the Twenty-First Century
by David Bartlett

Comment by:
Herbert A. Terry

Even My Own Mother Couldn’t Recognize Me: Television News and Public Understanding
by Jane Rhodes

Comments by:
David Boeyink
Josephine Holz

The Fairness Doctrine: A Solution in Search of a Problem
by Adrian Cronauer

Comments by:
Henry Geller
Barbara McDowell
Robert P. Rhodes


Microsoft: A Case Study in International Competitiveness, High Technology, and the Future of Antitrust Law
by Amy C. Page

Public Access: Fortifying the Electronic Soapbox
by Jason Roberts


Copyright 1994 by the Indiana University Board of Trustees and the Federal Communications Bar Association. Except as otherwise provided, the author of each article in this issue has granted permission for copies of that article to be made for classroom use, provided that (1) copies are distributed at or below cost, (2) the author and the Journal are identified, (3) proper notice of copyright is attached to each copy, and (4) the Federal Communications Law Journal is notified of the use.